March 12, 2016


Anklets, stacked rings and pom-pom necklaces: your edit of the most affordable jewellery is here

Summer vacays call for an overhaul in the accessories department. Like your au courant swimwear, jewellery too can take on the relaxed, bohemian, colourful vibe. Play with pieces like anklets and beaded bracelets that you would otherwise skip. Pick up interesting souvenirs and add them to your jewellery for an authentic touch. Long earrings go hand-in-hand with fashion’s concurrent affair with all things retro. Pom-poms are having a moment right now, and need to be a part of your wardrobe. Let your hair down, put on those sunglasses and style yourself in the season’s most charming budget-friendly bling here:

January 03, 2016


New Year Tips for Skin Care

    • If you are able to run away from fast food fast enough, you might be doing a huge favour to your skin.The ingredients in fast food can harm your health and your skin too. At work, keep a handful of almonds, berries or some fruits handy . Clinical nutritionist Dr Nupur Krishnan says, "You must regularly eat all kinds and colours of organic, fresh vegetables, especially green and leafy ones. Have at least one cup of two-three different kinds of berries thrice a week. Include veggie juices in your diet." These kinds of foods are bound to boost your antioxidant and nutrient levels.
    • We all are aware that around 70% of our body is made up of water. If you go off to bed dehydrated, all the fine lines on the face will look more pronounced.Water washes away the toxins and unwanted debris off not just our skin topically , but also internally . Optimum water intake of at least three to four litres, in one day , is essential for plumped up baby skin. Having water (avoid cold water) throughout the day can stave off mid-meal cravings and can keep you away from unwanted junk food.
    • Going au naturel should be one of your NY resolutions. Staying makeup-free can help your skin breathe. "Some products have chemicals and ingredients that might close your pores. This may harm your skin," says Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetologist. Sometimes products, if they are not of good quality , might cause blemishes on your skin.
    • Befriending your pillow would be one of the best ideas for you this year. We should not underestimate the power of proper sleep when it comes to skin health. Sleep specialist, neurologist and consultant physician Dr Preeti Devnani says, "When we are asleep, our skin gets time to repair and renew. But if we do not get proper eight-hour sleep at one go, our skin is unable to rejuvenate itself."
    • You may not have the time for a one-hour skincare regime daily , but a few home therapies work and do not take much time. And when sincerely done every day , they show results too. " A quick application of besan and haldi is good, so is honey and a few drops of lime juice.Applying curd on your face or raw grated potato on blemishes can work wonders on your skin," says aesthetician Ritu Singh Tanwar.


    Article Courtesy: TimesOfIndia

      December 28, 2015


      Warm and Cozy this winter

      Winter is here and this is the season for overcoats, Warm and Cozy jackets, pullovers.

      Mix and match the cozy upper with ripped denims and soak in the winter sun while you can.

      Take a look at Akanksha's blog

      Happy Winters

      October 13, 2015


      PrettyLady is Coming

      We are really excited to  launching PrettyLady.

      You’re important to me and I wanted you to be the first to know about our plans for launch. We have just put up our  site, you can check it out at

      We will keep on adding more items to the site to make it wholesome shopping experience for you.

      In the meantime, I’d love your help in spreading the word! Here’s how:

      1) Share or like us on our facebook page

      2) On the first page of the site, enter your email to join our mailing list. We will be handing out some super discount coupons to you as a bonus.

      3) Spread this message to your contacts on WhatsApp.

      Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Look forward to continuing to share PrettyLady with you and appreciate you telling the world!

      All the best,

      - Mukesh
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